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Adults Coiling Party

Ever wanted to try your hand at making a ceramic pot from scratch? This party is a great introduction into the world of ceramics. I'll be showing all of you how to prep your clay so that it is ready to work with, how to coil a pot from the base upwards and how to decorate your pot using slip. 

Β£20 per person

You will use WHITE earthenware clay – and have a choice of  GREEN, TERRACOTTA RED, ORANGE, PINK, BLACK, WHITE, BLUE and YELLOW slip for you to decorate your pots with. When your work is finished it will be dried out, coated in a transparent glaze and fired for you to collect 2 weeks later.

This party serves as a guided lesson and so I will be on hand to talk you through the whole process step by step. I have been working with pottery for 6 years so should be able to answer questions you might have about ceramics. Once work goes into the kiln I can’t be responsible for how your work comes out as that is the nature of ceramics - but I will do my very best to piece stuff back together if it has any cracks!

There is a small toilet for you to use during the party and to wash your hands at the end. I will offer some water and cordial and you are welcome to bring other stuff along with you if you would like! I can also provide you with some disposable aprons to protect your clothes from some of the mess. 

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