Raw Clay

I have a selection of Clays available in store for you to buy.

Extra White Earthenware : Low Fire ~ 1060°c - 1160°c

Terracotta Earthenware : Low Fire ~ 1020°c - 1120°c

Terracotta Earthenware Grog : Low Fire ~ 1080°c - 1160°c

School Buff Smooth : E.ware ~ 1120°c - 1180°c // S.ware ~ 1220°c - 1280°c

Toasted Stoneware Fine Grog : 1150°c ~ 1260°c

Craft Crank E/S ware Grog : 1100°c - 1280°c

Each are available in 1kg, 6kg and 12.5kg bags.

1Kg’s start at £2 / 6kg’s start at £8 / 12.5kg’s start at £15.

Earthenware Underglaze Paints + Top Coat

I have underglaze paints available in store in 500ml bottles for £11.50 ~ suggested firing temp of 999°c

I also have smaller bottles avaliable for £3.50 ~ suggested firing temp of 999°c

I have a huge range of colours in store and can make bottles up for you in either of the sizes.

I also have a Brush on transparent topcoat in 500ml bottles for £12.50 ~ suggested firing temp of 999°c

Knitting Supplies

Plastic knitting needles size 4mm ~ £1.50

Bamboo knitting needles size 4mm ~ £1.50

Circular knitting needles size 4mm ~ £3.50

Crochet hooks size 4mm ~ £1.50

Robin Double Knit 4ply 500g ~ £2.00

in Red / Yellow / Green / Blue / Purple

French knitting caterpillars ~ £5.50 with a ball of wool

Darning needles ~ 50p