Trylla is a safe and relaxed place for people to come and learn! With an airy studio area at the back of the shop and in Trylla’s basement ceramics studio, there is plenty of space to get creative with clay.

The ceramics studio benefits from a Kiln that you can rent out to fire your pottery, two electric pottery wheels for throwing, a huge clay store, as well as decorative slips, underglazes, and glazes in every damn colour you can think of.

It is decked out with workbenches and table space, equipped for hand-building techniques like coiling, slab building, and pinch pots - and has all the tools you will need to make great pottery.

I use smooth ice white Earthenware and terracotta clay for my workshops, but I sell Stoneware, Crank and Groggy clay by the bag and also in smaller portions. I also sell Underglaze paints and transparent top coat by the bottle.

Renting Kiln space

For renting the full kiln the price is calculated by how many hours the firing will last. But if you are unsure of how long you would need to fire your clay work for don’t worry! I can walk you through the best kiln programme for your particular needs.

Last minute firings incur a £5 to £10 fee, so that I can rearrange other jobs to facilitate you.

You can also pay to fire pieces individually if you don’t have enough to fill a whole kiln - the prices are calculated by how much kiln space your piece would take up - get in touch for these prices.


Hiring the Workshop Space

The studio is available for private hire if you would like to hold a party or event, more info on that HERE

Have an idea for a workshop you would like to run? Or do you need a place to meet as a group? Email me HERE for dates and prices.

I can seat up to 10 people on the ground floor and 10 in the downstairs studio.


Workshops at the back of the shop are on the ground floor, I have portable ramps to cover the two small steps into the entrance of the shop and a third step up to the back of the shop. Please get in touch if you would like dimensions and gradients for these ramps. There is a non-gendered toilet at the back of the shop. The ceramics studio is only accessible by stairs. However, if you are unable to use the stairs please let me know and I can arrange to move equipment up to the the ground floor to facilitate. :-)