Every other WEDNESDAY evening from 6:00 ~ 8:30 Trylla ceramics studio opens it’s doors to budding potters. Whether you are an experienced potter who needs space to work on their own projects or a beginner who wants to experiment with clay, all are welcome. If you wish to turn up after 6:00 that is also fine, feel free to use as much of the session as you would like.


Each session is £12.

Or you can buy a punch card of 3 sessions to redeem whenever you like for £30.


The ceramics studio is located on the ground floor and basement beneath Trylla. The ground floor has all of the glaze colours you could imagine and downstairs is decked out with all the materials and tools you will need to make great pots ~ as well as workbenches and table space on both floors. There is also a kiln which Alice will use to fire your work for you in-between sessions. The studio is equipped for hand-building techniques like coiling, slab building and pot pinching, there is also a pottery wheel which will be put out at sessions where there is enough room. Alice will be on hand to give you suggestions on how best to proceed with your projects should you need it.


Each session you will pick between Clay work and Colour work, you will then be let loose on all of the equipment and materials. At the end of the session you are free to store your work in the studio or leave it to dry out to be fired for you in time for the following session 2 weeks later.

trylla shop rolling clay-min.jpg


If you opt for clay work you will be provided with a 1kg blob of ice white or terracotta Earthenware Clay ~ your choice. You will then spend the session making whatever you like, focusing on the form of your project. Clay work is generally done in the basement studio - It has a low ceiling (175cm), but you will spend most of the session sat at a table.

trylla shop colours -min.jpg


In the following session you might opt for colour work, to decorate your projects. You will have access to a huge selection of underglaze paints, transparent topcoat and coloured slips to do this. Colour work is done on the ground floor at the back of the shop.


I have portable ramps to cover the two small steps into the entrance of the shop and a third step up to the back of the shop. Please get in touch if you would like dimensions and gradients for these ramps. The basement ceramics studio is only accessible by stairs. However, if you are unable to use the stairs please let me know and I can arrange to move equipment up to the the ground floor for you :-)

If you would rather work upstairs because of the low ceiling ~ not a problem just let me know :-)

There will be a kettle for you to use and and tea / coffee available. Feel free to bring along snax, or a beer, or whatever you would like to enjoy while you make. The studio has aprons for you to use, but feel free to bring along your own if you like.