Are you…

Celebrating a birthday or other special occasion / looking for an activity to do with some colleagues for a works night out / looking to have a cool nice time with some friends.


Well thats great because I have three party packages that you can book to do.

I can seat a maximum of 10 people, for a session with step by step teaching support.


Pinch Pots Party

Guests will create a pinch pot and decorate it with coloured slip. A great option for a kids party, or make 2 pots if you opt for the adults party.

1.5 hour session ~ £15.00 per child

2 hour session ~ £20.00 per adult

Coiling Party

Guests will be taught the coiling technique, shown how to build a pot from the base up, and decorate it with coloured slip.

2 hour session

£20.00 per person

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Slab Build a Vase Party

Guests will be shown the how to build a vase using the slab technique, and decorate it with coloured slip.

2.5 hour session

£25.00 per person

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🙃 Let me know what dates you are looking to book and I will get back to you ASAP 🙃